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About the Photographers

ROY WALTER is a lifelong resident of North Carolina and is a self-taught photographer who has honed his craft over a period of 20 years.  He has traveled the country extensively photographing our National Parks but, is just as content in his own back yard photographing nature and wildlife.  Among his credits, a freelance photographer for University City Magazine and International website Pixoto's 9th-ranked nature photographer for 2014.  

LIZ CRONO is a nature and wildlife artist/photographer based in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.  An artist her entire life, she felt the desire to take her craft to another level and found her passion in photography more than 30 years ago.  Her goal was to create art with the camera.  She doesn't photograph "subjects" but, that which evokes emotion.  She has an affinity for flowers, birds and the wildlife that shares the land on which she lives.  Her credits include numerous juried art exhibitions as well as numerous photographic awards from international photography sites, Guru, Pixoto and National Geographic.  

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